Protect Your PC from Spyware

Spyware is unwanted software installed on your computer without your consent. Usually it is used to perform advertising, collect sensitive and personal information or change the configuration of your computer. Not all spyware is bad, but many of them make your computer sluggish. Go to this site: phone spy free

Looking out for few signs might indicate the presence of spyware on your computer

• If your PC is slower than normal at performing routine tasks

• If you see pop-up ads all the time

• If your settings have changed and you can’t change them back

• If your web browsers contain additional tool bars that you haven’t installed

• If you see programs installed on your computer that you don’t want

Although it is impossible to keep your PC completely secured from spyware, taking certain precautions can minimise the risk. Here are a few helpful tips:

• Scan your computer frequently with antispyware programs. Be wise in choosing the Antispyware software as some of them are actually spyware themselves. Windows Defender and Spyware Terminator are software that have been used and certified by many people. These programs can both prevent and remove any existing spyware, and can also perform Antivirus scans.

• Try downloading files from secure or well-known sites. Make sure that you scan the downloaded files for adware or spyware. If you find any, delete the file immediately and also stop downloading from that site in future.

• Those annoying ads that you see on many websites often lead you to spyware. When closing these ads always use the ‘X’ button on the top right corner of the window. Never click on the buttons that say something like “No Thanks” because rather than closing the ad they actually start installing unwanted things on your computer. Click to read more: phone spy free

• Use pop-up blocker tool bars like Google.

• Don’t click on unknown links blindly without reading.

• The following links works effectively to determine spyware.


So follow the above suggestions and keep your PC healthy. Happy browsing!