Anti-Spyware Programs to Avoid


How to Avoid and Remove Spyware

All men are created equal. The same cannot be considered true about anti-spyware programs. Some are as dangerous, or even more so, than the spyware they promise to remove. The general rule of thumb is that if you do not trust it, avoid it. If you hear warning bells signaling in your head, listen to your instincts. Do not click, install, or save. Even if a pop-up window appears and tells you that “Your Computer may be Infected!” Sure, it’s a distinct possibility. Most computers contain several bits of spyware installed on them without the users knowledge. But your odds of making things worse by clicking on messages like these will remain quite high.

There are tell-tale signs that the sypware removal software you are tinkering with is worse than the problem itself. If your anti-spyware program originates from a pop-up window, now is the time to delete it. One such removal tool, known as “SpywareNo!” allows for a free scan of your computer to let you know how badly infected your computer is. With panic, you accept the invitation for a free complimentary scan. To your horror, you discover that your computer has a multitude of problems, ranging in severity from low to extreme risk, causing a prompt from the spyware program to purchase their $20 program for removal of these issues. Sounds like a decent idea, right?  You need visit this link sms spy

The spyware removal program itself is faulty, and even a computer that is totally devoid of spyware and viruses will come up with “major problems.” Much like a cheesy mechanic who tells you that your transmission is shot and it will cost $2300 to replace, a second opinion would be in your best interest. Both mechanic and the anti-spyware removal program are only interested in your money and will lie, cheat, and steal to get it. No two spyware removal programs are alike, and “SpywareNo!” has been proven as a fraudulent device (the cheesy mechanic of the spyware removal genre).

While SpywareNo! provides false impressions about your computer’s integrity, some programs do far worse. A keylogger program is one that, once installed on your computer, keeps track of every keypunch you create. Think of it as a shadowy miscreant looking over your shoulder while you type, keeping track of your passwords, accounts, e-mail information and defying your security. Some anti-spyware programs, once installed on your vulnerable computer, act also as an undercover keylogger. Antispywarebox with Spyhunter, created by the makers of Titanshield have created such a program, also installing other forms of malware and adware. The perfect irony is that an unknowing individual wants to rid themselves of such garbage, only to find more dangerous programs installed! These keylogger programs are directly responsible for hundreds of cases of identity theft, false charges to credit cards, and bank account raids. Best sms spy app for android free

So how can one know what anti-spyware tools are safe and which ones should hit the recycling bin? The rule of thumb says that three anti-spyware tools are head and shoulders above the rest. Webroot provides software through the purchase of a monthly Internet package with Microsoft and is quite a competent and trustworthy program. Updates are provided frequently and searches for forms of malware remain thorough. A subscription of Webroot’s software can also be purchased at their website. Spybot and Ad-Aware are two more names that even a casual computer user can manipulate for a safe Internet experience. Both are provided on a free basis, but more advanced forms of the program come with a small cost that may well be worth your money.  Click to read more sms spy by

Next, if you feel like your anti-spyware tool might be doing more harm than good, do a simple Internet search on Yahoo or Google. Several sites exist that report fraudulent programs like SpywareNo! and Antispywarebox and they will often offer assistance with removal. Always install any program after careful analysis and research on-line or you too can get zapped!